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    Whether you are considering a divorce or facing criminal charges, the legal aid and guidance you need is from Amie Newlon, Attorney at Law.


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Overcome legal challenges affecting your life with a proven family law attorney

Deal with difficult problems with the legal support you need, including:

  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Child support
  • Paternity and More

You can get your life back on track. Find the best solution available.

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Get the facts with an honest, upfront conversation with your attorney

Sit down for a straightforward conversation.

Learn if you need an attorney. Discuss what steps you need to take, and the likely outcome of your legal situation.

Work with an attorney who has genuine concern for clients.

Avoid facing the worst outcome by using a successful criminal and trial lawyer

Hire a team of professionals for your aid in the courtroom for legal issues such as:

  • Traffic tickets
  • OWI and drug offenses
  • Felony and misdemeanor charges
  • Probation violations

Get the guidance you need with outstanding results.

Fight for your rights and get your life back on track

Receive comprehensive counsel, including bankruptcy, estate planning, and personal injury, from Amie Newlon, Attorney at Law.

Invest in an attorney who has a proven history of fighting for people's rights. You’re next in line for aid from the best.

Contact Amie Newlon, Attorney at Law for the legal guidance you need

Face your legal battle with the support, guidance, and proven skill of Amie Newlon, Attorney at Law. Get the confidence you need to make the changes necessary to get your life to where it should be.

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